A Selenophile

I talk to the moon everyday..

About each and every thing

Things which i feel to the core

But couldn’t weave them

Into threads of words..

Words which are too heavy, so heavy that i barely speak;

But gulp them down my throat..

The moon notice it all..

The trembled voice, the shaky hands and sweaty palms..

Everything that builds up within me; the pressure of my own emotions and feelings

Feelings which i don’t express now, to anybody else but to the moon alone..

He looks carefully

At those dead beautiful eyes, knowing the real reason behind my insomnia

And allowing the streams of light to calm my terror..

As he carecess my wounds, wounds which are not visible to the naked eye;

I share with the secrets of life; the deepest, the darkest

And he promise to keep them all, just between the two of us..

We used to talk for hours; about the world, universe and infinite galaxies

Meanwhile he looks at me; like nobody else does

And that’s exact when I knew ;

I was already in Love with Him!

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